Strategic Storytelling

HOW: The Process of Telling Your Story


HOW: The Process of Telling Your Story

Discover your story.
We start by uncovering your strategic story through facilitated conversations and deep listening. Our insightful questions draw out compelling details – the nuances that set you apart – so your authentic voice shines through.

We work purposefully to analyze your goals, identify key audiences and clarify your desired results to guarantee your story’s strategic impact. If you are part of a group or larger organization, facilitated conversations also help partners meld ideas and forge a common strategy.

Craft your message.
Whether it’s your 30-second elevator pitch, a press release or annual report, a television interview or your website, Ellen Newman.Ink develops content that illuminates your story with a clear editorial vision.

Engage your audience.
It’s all about the conversation. After we identify your audience and choose your messages, we leverage traditional and social media to reach the people who matter most to you and your bottom line.

Tap into our toolkit.
Our services include positioning, refining messages, developing storylines, selecting media, choosing images and creating talking points, news, profiles, features, websites, annual reports, newsletters, blogs and tweets.

Stay on track.
Successful communications require effective project management.. Ellen Newman.Ink makes your communications work through collaboration at all levels — from corralling stakeholders to coordinating teams of writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers and web developers. We bring complex projects home.

With strategic savvy and journalistic knowhow, Ellen Newman.Ink positions your story so you can reach your goals.

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